Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch IW5900

Mechanical replica watches uk movement of the clockwork output power to drive the watch to run, the output torque is not balanced as one, this will lead to hairspring wheel travel error, in order to avoid this drawback, watch masters invented a constant power plant, this technology in the nations The history of the most complex SidéraleScafusia watch the first application, 2013 IWC IWC its patent constant dynamic mechanism integrated into a Tourbillon watch --- engineers constant power Tourbillon watch IW5900, which is now the most complex Engineer watch. Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch IW5900 dial The first thing to notice is the dial, which has three sub-dials. 1:00 position is the moon phase indicator plate, this is not the ordinary moon phase, but the famous north and south hemisphere moon phase. Moon disc details are amazing. Look carefully, you will see a small crater. This is the result of "special three-dimensional laser technology" processing. The outer scale is the number of days remaining before the next full moon. 4 o'clock position for the replica watches energy reserve indicator plate, it is not the general, using the reverse jump mode shows long 4 days power, the inner disk with a white triangle to indicate the remaining power in hours. 9 o'clock position is constant power tourbillon window. Than the above two sub-dial, emphasizing its importance. Tourbillon splints are marked with Arabic numerals, the tourbillon around its axis every 60 seconds, so the center axis is arranged with a small second hand indication. Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch IW5900 Constant power tourbillon IWC IWC for the new engineer constant power Tourbillon watch developed a patented constant power tourbillon device. It ensures that the balance of the balance wheel vibration frequency is absolutely consistent, which can guarantee the absolute rate of travel time accuracy. First, the escapement is decoupled from the direct power transmission of the train wheel, and the power is temporarily stored in the gossamer and delivered to the escape wheel. Gossamer once every second tension, Tourbillon second hand also forward in seconds as a unit forward. This mechanism ensures that at least 48 hours of travel time is absolutely balanced and accurate. After about 2 days, the constant power mode will be converted to normal mode. At this point, the second hand will jump every fifth of a second. Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon swiss replica watches IW5900 Case The INGENIEUR engineers' series is a masterpiece of the design of the master, and it is natural to retain its tradition, but the technical staff of the world draw inspiration from Formula One racing, using distinguished platinum and innovative lightweight ceramic materials to create this large 46mm case. Bezel, crown and crown bridge, the bottom of the platinum material, and the shell and the lug is a high-tech ceramics, engineers, five series of iconic titanium nails, each head for the ceramic material. The final appearance is very handsome. Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch IW5900 Movement The back of the watch is equally attractive. Sapphire bottom cover shows the 94800 movement (through the back of the small drawbacks is to give up the engineer series proud of the soft iron anti-magnetic shell). Satin scrub and sandblasting plywood to provide a unique appearance, this 43 drill manual movement, vibration frequency of 18000vph, with two barrel, the appearance of grinding like a car engine processing technology. Vanguard Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch IW5900 IW590001 show the technical strength of the nations, of course, pricing is also extraordinary --- the mainland price of 1.76 million yuan.